Haiiiiii! I'm Anne.

I'm an Orange County based traveler and photographer.

I enjoy the quirky things of life. I love calories. I love photography. And I enjoy giving.

You'll find me on my way to elsewhere, with just my camera and maybe an overnight kit. I'm constantly exploring, travelling, and just experiencing. I hike, I climb, I walk, and immerse myself in whatever culture I'm in at that moment. That way, when I'm shooting your special day, it would be second nature for me to pick up and just shoot memories like it's home. This is my passion. This is who I am. Invite me to your special day, and I'll capture it both like a stranger and a friend would.

-My camera. Duh
-Stella Rosa Black
-CHOCOLATE. All of it.
-Giving gifts
-Currently watching: Arrow and The Flash

Everywhere and Anywhere

Four walls. Yeah, no. It's the horizon for me, baby.

Wherever your special day is, I'll make sure your photos feel timeless. The four corners of your reception are not our limits. We'll break the rules, push artistic boundaries, because I know just how much you'd like at least one piece that showcases just how rare your special day is.


cities and counting

I'll give you my everything, and then some

No half-ass work from here!

That's one idealogy that I kept with me growing up. Excellence and not perfection. And that's exactly what I'll exercise on your special day.


hard work