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Jom and Ericka | Beverly Hills Courthouse | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer


People who know good food are my people.

Jom and Ericka are one of the best food trippers I know. They’re also some of the most hospitable and welcoming people I know (Filipino thang, cause it me, too! Ha!) Jom had emailed me about a month before their shindig and in the first couple of emails, he’d already been inviting me over for their brunch happening afterwards.

I mean, ehe, I was SO down.

Their Beverly Hills Courthouse wedding ceremony was quaint and intimate but full of so. much. laughter. Jom and Ericka had this, I’ll laugh at you and with you kind of traipsing around all over Yelp’s Top 10 foodie spots in Socal kind of love. They just get each other. In between trying to get the rings on each other’s fingers, and Jom blanking out while the judge kept cueing him to repeat the following sentences, while Ericka kept bursting into laughter while Jom blanked out, it was honestly so unforgettable. So much so, the judge had even mentioned how that was a first, even for her! We then headed out across the street to a small corner in front of the library. Aaaaand had eventually gotten kicked out from the lavender bushes I had them lounge in.

Afterwards, we all headed out to Taste on Melrose and just ate…and ate…and ate…..all this dang good food, while we circled around tables and squeezed ourselves into places we shouldn’t be to take some awesome photos on an LA strip. I just loved how Ericka was so prepared, that she even had a bubble machine good to go for some really epic photos.

Scroll down to see how fun a small wedding can be!

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These awesome people and vendors came together to help make this happen!

Venue: Taste on Melrose | Instagram
Photographer: Sessions by Anne Salas | Instagram


Maresa and Nick | The Homestead Wedding | Oak Glen Wedding Photographer

“Out there somewhere there is a love who will never dream of calling you too much, who runs outside on stormy nights to howl at the moon…and they will say yes. Yes, you. I will go there with you. I have been waiting for this.”
― Jeanette LeBlanc

I know of only one love that cannot be contained – a love as wild as horses, fed by wine and craft beer, with only raw, true heart.

That love is Maresa’s and Nick’s.

Just like with their engagement photos, The Homestead in Oak Glen was the perfect mountain backdrop for this couple and the tribe that stands behind them. The fall chill had nothing on these two whenever they were in the same room. Despite busting out, singing “Roses really smell like poo-poo-oooh,” a minute into seeing each other for the first time, Maresa and Nick set eyes on each other and kissed like no one was watching.

Like many aspects of the entire day, uniqueness and sentiment was so key in their ceremony. They had their rings passed down from each person to person, getting warmed with everyone’s well wishes. Afterwards, Maresa surprised Nick with a shot of Jack he had to finally drink, because, years ago when they’d first met at a party, Nick pretended to drink that same shot in front of Maresa. When they spoke their vows, everyone around them laughed and cried.

They are so unabashedly and wildly in love, it’s almost a crime to pay witness to any moments they’d share with each other.

And so when time came for their romantic photos, we went further into the The Homestead’s backyard and I followed them as they ran with and held each other in the bushes and trees. Come reception time, they danced, and drank, and so selflessly made sure every guest was taken care of, from the dinner table to the cigar bar, with drinks in their hands and smiles that just screamed, “We did the damn thing.”

So here’s to these two, who showed me a love like this can exist. #loveyouMAS cause MAS means more in Spanish!

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These awesome people and vendors came together to help make this happen!

Venue: The Homestead at Oak Glen | Instagram
Photographer: Sessions by Anne Salas | Instagram
Caterer: Fire A Pizza Co | Instagram
Cocktail Hour Apps: Creative Catering Temecula | Instagram
Cake & Dessert: Nothing Bundt Cakes | Instagram
Cake & Dessert: Snowline Orchard Donuts | Instagram
Florist: Nadine Waters at The HomesteadInstagram
DJ: DJ Milo at the Homestead
Hair: Nicolette La Franchi | Instagram
Makeup: Rhapsody Artajo: Instagram
Wedding Dress Designer: Pronovia’s at Mon Amie | Instagram
Suit Designer: Groom’s Grotto | Instagram
Rentals: Touched by Time Vintage Rentals | Instagram
Invitation Suite Designer: Minted | Instagram


Katie & TK | Millwick Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Everyone in attendance of this wonderful Los Angeles Millwick wedding was probably in the same boat as me that day.

The “Why the heck am I crying and laughing in the same second?” boat.

I suppose there’s only one answer to that. It’s because it’s Katie and TK. It’s just them. When they look at each other, and when they talk to each other in that unabashed, no one else here but us way, their love just floods and shatters their audience. One minute you’re trying to suppress your (kinda loud) snigger because TK’s jogging down the aisle to some song about how it’s his last chance to run, and the next, you’ve gone through a tissue box already because Ed Sheeran’s drums start beating and he’s begging for a love like her, and the room’s gone still because all everyone can see is Katie, with her dad, down the aisle, with only eyes for TK.

Yeah, no dry eye in the room. I’m calling it the Katie and TK effect.

They both started the mornings of their wedding day amongst friends and family (and cat); Katie in the high rises of Downtown LA, and TK in their home. What a tribe they have behind them; they rally behind this little over a decade ASU grown romance like no other.

So when Katie and TK finally saw each other for the first time in a cramped colorful LA rooftop hallway, grins and tears were all around – even amongst spectators. Katie and TK effect. Their humor extends to their family, when their siblings just nailed their speeches to the wall, and sprinkled the toast with a little roast. Millwick was the perfect background for this wedding.

I swear, they made this twenty first night of September more epic than the song could ever be. They killed the dance floor and finished the night with In n Out.

OH, and check the epic dancing grandparents below.

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These awesome people and vendors came together to help make this happen!


Planner: CMG Weddings & Events | Instagram
Venue: Millwick | Instagram
Photographer: Sessions by Anne Salas | Instagram
Videographer: The Byrd Sisters | Instagram
Caterer: Ooh La La Catering | Instagram
Florist: Jasmine Rose WeddingsInstagram
DJ: VOX DJs | Instagram
Makeup: Beauty By Autumn | Instagram
Wedding Dress Designer: Truvelle Bridal | Instagram
Suit Designer: Indochino | Instagram
Bar: Cali Craft Cocktails | Instagram
Invitation Suite Designer: K Frank Designs | Instagram


Jenny & Matt | Quail Ranch Wedding | Simi Valley Wedding Photographer

And Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who got everything he’d ever wished for…He lived happily ever after.
-Willy Wonka

Jenny and Matt’s Quail Ranch Simi Valley Wedding was the product of the summer wedding vision Jenny had always dreamed about. My jaw dropped when Jenny told me about Willy Wonka vision, and I think I just stared open-mouthed around Quail Ranch come wedding day because her and her entire time nailed it. To the wall. Between the arcade games, the themed napkins, the colorful whimsy  florals by The Little Branch, this wedding pulled off “theme wedding” and made it look so classy.

Stunning details aside, what really got me at this wedding was the pinwheel of emotions. Different ones. A lot of humor in the beginning of the day happened, between Matt’s hilarious “Do my makeup” antics with Jenny’s make up artist/friend, and popsicle sticks in the sun by the pool by the gals.

During the ceremony, so. much. crying. happened. Even from me. These two, and their friends who they asked to recite a movie line about love, have a way with words that, coupled with seeing how they look at each other, leave you with goosebumps on your arms.

Oh, and the food. Gah. Grazed on so many different stations, the food was absolutely amazing. When Jenny had asked Matt about the one thing he wanted about this wedding, he said, “Let’s skip the sit down dinner set up.” And they went with it. They had cocktail style table setups that absolutely made every guest be more present. In the moment, soaking up the summer sun and the love that permeated the air.

I went a little nuts with their gallery and gave them so many photos, so here are just some of the highlights!

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An absolutely amazing team helped bring this Willy Wonka vision to life. Check them out here!


Planner: Bright Blue Events | Instagram
Venue: Quail Ranch | Instagram
Photographer: Sessions by Anne Salas | Instagram
Caterer: Command Performance Catering | Instagram
Florist: The Little BranchInstagram
DJ: VOX DJs | Instagram
Hair: Stefanie Cuesta | Instagram
Makeup: Sarah Nelson | Instagram
Wedding Dress Designer: Mikaella Bridal | Instagram
Suit Designer: The Black Tux | Instagram
Rentals: Circa Rentals | Instagram
Linens: La Tavola Linen | Instagram
Dessert, Gelato: Tondi gelato | Instagram
Strings: Julie Pusch Instagram
Invitation Suite Designer: Arelor | Instagram
Arcade Games: Arcade Rental Zone | Instagram


Georgi and Robert | The French Estate Wedding | Orange County Wedding Photographer

My gosh, this wedding.

I wish you could hear a photo. Because if you could hear the emotion behind this intimate The French Estate Orange County wedding, you best grab a tissue, maybe even a towel, cause dang. I had none of those and by the end of the day, the happy tears just drowned my makeup off my face.

Georgi and Robert are two quiet souls who deserve everything good coming their way. They are one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, because they take care of you. They don’t even know you, but they’ll go to the ends of the earth to be there for you. I met Georgi eons ago in high school, and when she asked me to be her wedding photographer for her Orange County wedding, I hopped on board. I said I do, too. It was as if years hadn’t passed since we last saw each other.

Their summer wedding took place under the canopy of Oak Canyon Nature Center‘s trees. It’s only 10 minutes away from Orange, in the heart of Orange County, but dang, it’s like we drove hours into a forest. After the ceremony, Georgi and Robert just looked at each other and started crying into each other’s arms behind the ceremony area. TEARS all around!!

Their reception at The French Estate in Orange was like a freaking movie. The sun was golden like no other day. The people who did speeches freaking nailed it, bringing everyone back from laughing to cry in a hot second. Everyone was family – you could see it in all the emotion.

And yep – emotion emotion emotion – now that was the theme of this gorgeous Southern California summer day.

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Without these amazing SoCal Vendors, this day wouldn’t have been made. Check them out!

Ceremony Venue: Oak Canyon Nature Center
Reception Venue: The French Estate | Instagram
Photographer: Sessions by Anne Salas | Instagram
Caterer: Surf City Fish Grill | Instagram
DJ: DRazo Entertainment | Instagram
Florist: Casablanca Flowers Instagram
Wedding Dress Designer: David’s Bridal | Instagram