Sessions by Anne Salas | Pricing
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It’s pretty straightforward. 

Photography starts at $3300 for 6 hours for 2021.


  • One photographer (your own paparazzo)
  • 6 hours of coverage
  • Digital gallery inclusive of at least 500 edited and curated images (Yes…THAT many!!)
  • Printing License (so you can print anywhere!)

Say HOLLA and fill out the contact form so you can:

  • Get full wedding galleries to see just how I’ll shoot your wedding
  • Figure out just what you need for YOUR wedding day. I’m an honest person and will never try to upsell your for hours and things you don’t need, but will tell you straight up if the hours you booked feel too cramped for the wedding day you want.
  • Tell you JUST how I shoot the two of you. Feel awkward in front of a camera? Pssssshhhhhhh, I ? effin ? gotchu ? I try my best to make you guys feel comfortable in front of the camera because I do stupid ish like “DRUNK WALK TOWARDS ME!!”
  • Give you access to cool other vendors of different budgets because I make sure to invest time in building relationships with them because you never know. You NEVER know if you need them!


And honestly there’s a sh*t ton more but it’ll to be too long to read. SO – You can hop on a phone call, facetime, grab coffee/sushi/boba/tacos/fries/nuggets/FOOD, or just email me!

And if you like what you see but the price is like woaaaah, STILL contact me. The packages I have are CUSTOMIZABLE. If you don’t need that engagement session, holla at me, cause I can make an entirely new package JUST ? FOR ? YOU ?


….but also I can’t shoot myself in the foot completely cause a girl’s gotta eat and give her and her mom a great life, ya know? So I’ll try my best to work with you. But still. Holla at me.