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Your questions….answered

How many photos will I get?

During your wedding day, you’ll see us burn through our shutter every minute. We guarantee at least 500 photos, but usually deliver so much more.

How long till we get to see photos?

You’re in luck! We love sneak peeks. Like, love them because we can not WAIT to show off your big day. Sneak peeks are usually posted the next day, and sometimes, even the night of. The entire gallery, on the other hand, will be sent to you in 4-6 weeks.

Can you hold our date?

Of course we can! However, we can only securely hold it once you’ve paid a retainer fee. If you haven’t paid it, that doesn’t mean we won’t write your date down. If someone else wants your date, and you haven’t paid the retainer, rest assured, we’ll call you to confirm before booking someone else.

Do you deliver every image you take?

Here at Sessions, we strive to give you only the best of the best photos. Trust us when we say you do not want photos of you blinking, any awkward poses, or duplicates of the same shot. It’s your special day, and our motto is quality over quantity.

How far can you travel?

Oh, the places we go. We can travel anywhere! Travel fees will only be charged for weddings 50 miles from us.

Do you edit your photos?

Why, yes, yes we freaking do! We believe in delivering only top notch work, so every single photo you receive, even candids, are hand edited, color corrected, and retouched.

Are videos customized?

Every film we create is hand crafted and custom tailored to our couples, which makes no two films alike. An investment into your wedding film is an investment into a piece of art that will tell your story forever.

Do you do just weddings?

We’re also in the business of capturing families, seniors, and other portfolio work, so don’t hesitate to contact us! Promise, we won’t bite. 😉

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